Jamaica Environment Trust surprised by Noranda workers demonstration

Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) has expressed surprise that workers from the Noranda Bauxite Company staged a demonstration outside its offices on Monday (Sept 16).

Jamaica Environment Trust Suzanne Stanley.

The bauxite workers were joined by community members of the Cockpit Country in the protest outside JET’s office on Constant Spring Road, St Andrew. The protestors say that misinformation was being spread about mining activities in the Cockpit Country.

“Really it caught us by surprise. JET has not been involved in spreading misinformation, what we have been saying is that we want the entire Cockpit Country protected,” JET CEO Suzanne Stanley told BUZZ on Tuesday (Sept 17).

Stanley was in attendance at a protest against mining in the Cockpit Country at Heroes Circle on Tuesday.

She added that Jet has always had good dialogue with the bauxite company. Stanley said Jet and Noranda often meet to discuss issues surrounding the Cockpit Country and other bauxite mining issues.

— Article written by Paujule Henry