Jamaica in a box: Kevaun Hamilton’s mystery packages bring joy

Kevaun Hamilton has been thinking outside the box. Or perhaps, inside. The conceptualizer and founder of JamBoxJA (“I designed everything myself”) is feeling good about his first-ever entrepreneurial venture. And by the way, it’s what’s IN the box that matters.  

Kevaun Hamilton, owner of subscription service JamBoxJA displays one of the snack packages.

But hold on… “The aim is mystery, a surprise,” says Kevaun. JamBoxJA is a unique, monthly subscription service, which aims to bring a box full of Jamaican deliciousness, “straight from Yard,” to any address worldwide, shipping costs included.

Chock-full of tasty treats in one of the snack boxes available from JamBoxJA

Currently on offer, there is a Snack Box and a Spice Box, each packed with a variety of made-in-Jamaica goodies. The fun part is, you never know exactly what you’re getting. 

Spices anyone? One of the large spice boxes available through JamBoxJA.

You know when you just “feel for” something – in the middle of the night or on a quiet afternoon? Or perhaps you’re a Jamaican living overseas and yearning for a taste of home. Those special treats aren’t available in your corner shop in “foreign.” The homesickness is real. You long to nibble on one of your favourite snacks from schooldays! Ah, the nostalgia! “Or – you can just surprise yourself,” Kevaun points out.  

Customers have the option to choose from small or large spice boxes.

“The aim is mystery, a surprise”

Kevaun Hamilton, owner, JamBoxJA

So, JamBoxJA to the rescue. It launched just six months ago. You can subscribe on the website and you can find them on social media.

Surprise yourself with a range of delicious snacks to choose from.

Right now, Kevaun is focused on building the business and fine-tuning his products. He is always looking for new spicy, savoury or sweet “nyammings” to include. If there are dietary or other concerns, JamBoxJA will accommodate them. “We’re flexible,” says Kevaun.  

What’s his own personal Snack Du Jour? It’s a certain popular cheesy snack, mix

Kevaun laughs. “Snacks are our favourite pastime, aren’t they? Try to imagine your life without them. I think we would go crazy!”

One of the large snack boxes available from JamBoxJA.

We can’t argue with that. And come to think of it, we are feeling a little… (Rustling sounds).