Jamaica is flattening the COVID-19 curve — Holness

The news came during yesterday’s virtual press briefing where Holness reported that the country had its second day of no new coronavirus cases since the first was reported just over two months ago.

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness

The Government has reported that the curve that tracks newly confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Jamaica is now flattening.

Holness said the country has 380 active cases of the virus, with 131 recoveries, adding that the country is heading towards a 15-day doubling curve which spells improvement for the country’s effort to contain the virus spread.

“The longer it takes to double, the better it is for the country and it shows that there are fewer new cases being confirmed each day and, basically, you would then say that your curve is flattening, and that’s the objective. That’s what we want to achieve – a flattening of the curve,”  the Prime Minister said.

Jamaica now has 520 confirmed cases with the virus, 131 recoveries and nine deaths.

There have been nine deaths related to the COVID-19 spread in Jamaica.