Jamaica ramps up campaign against human trafficking

As you navigate your social media platforms, beware of human traffickers lurking around as friends. That’s the warning from The National Task Force Against Human Trafficking. 

The organisation said the Jamaican public and private sector interests have ramped up sensitisation campaigns to make people more aware of online human trafficking. 

“Human trafficking is the fastest-growing crime globally, not in this region, not in Jamaica, globally, and it is organised crime,” Chair of the organisation, Carol Palmer said.

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Chair of The National Task Force Against Human Trafficking , Carol Palmer

“What is the problem now is that cyberspace is the latest area where this crime has moved to, and so we now have to launch an all-out campaign,” 

“We have talked about it a lot, telling young people to be careful on social media, don’t be so interested in likes, and so on, but it has to be more than that, and we have to hear from the young people,” said Palmer.

Palmer said human anti-trafficking clubs have been launched in 15 schools, and thousands of Jamaican are being trained in this area. 

She noted that several agencies continue to collaborate in tackling the problem. They include the police, the Child Protection and Family Services Agency, the Victim Services Division, the prosecution service, and the courts. She also commended the media for helping to create awareness.