Jamaica ranked the 18th worst place to travel for LGBT tourists

Photo: Toronto Star

Now here’s a rank Jamaica shouldn’t be proud to be near the top of…since it keeps fumbling the bag on the ‘pink dollar’.

The island ranks as the third-worst place in the Caribbean for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) tourists to travel in 2019, according to a study published by travel blog Asher & Lyric on Tuesday (Nov. 12).

“Instead of relying on hearsay and anecdotes from other travelers, we took a deep look at LGBTQ+ rights, country by country,” the article explained.

Asher & Lyric added that it gathered data from a variety of trusted international sources, “to create a ‘LGBTQ+ Danger Index’ that will help you find the worst (and safest) countries for LGBTQ+ travel.”

Jamaica, the third-worst Caribbean tourist destination for LGBT safety, according to travel blog Asher & Lyric (Photo: AsherFergusson.com)

Jamaica was ranked 18th with a -98 score and an ‘F’ on the danger index for LGBT safety, behind next worst Caribbean neighbours St. Lucia (12th with -110 score and ‘F’ rating) and Barbados (which ranked eighth with a -118 score and ‘F’ safety rating).

Comparatively, by the LGBT tourist safety index, Jamaica and her ranking make the island a worse place to travel over Uganda, Kenya and Pakistan.

The Caribbean region fared poorly in the LGBT tourist safety index, with only Puerto Rico attaining a C+ safety rank, being the 125th worst place in the world, with a positive 181 score.

Nigeria gained the unfortunate distinction of being the least safe place for LBGT tourists, while Norway rests comfortably as the world’s most gay-friendly destination.