Jamaica reopens to tourists today

Jamaica Records Highest Arrivals Ever for Summer Months ...
(Photo: Caribbean National Weekly)

Jamaica will reopen its borders to tourists today, following a two-month closure due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Approximately 600 visitors expected to arrive from the United States from a total of six scheduled flights today.

Last week, Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, said 6,000 tourists will enter the island between June 15 and month’s end in what is a staggered reopening of the tourism sector.

Additionally, a range of new measures for non-nationals visiting the island was shared by Prime Minister Andrew Holness on Friday, June 12.

Holness said non-nationals visiting Jamaica for tourism will be subject to testing if considered high-risk, meaning they either come from a country designated as high risk for COVID-19 transmission or due to other risk factors such as exhibiting symptoms or exposure to people who have tested positive.

Those assessed as high risk will have their samples taken at the airport or other designated facility and await their test results at their hotel or resort under the ‘stay in zone’ measure. If the test is negative, they will remain under the ‘stay in zone’ measure. However, if the test is positive, they will be isolated either at the hotel/resort or in a government facility as determined by the health authorities.

Those not assessed as high risk will be allowed to go to their hotel/resort under the ‘stay in zone’ measure. This means they are required for the duration of their stay in Jamaica to remain within the COVID-19 resilient corridor, Holness said.