Jamaica to impose travel restrictions for four more countries as coronavirus spreads

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton has announced that four more countries are to be added to its list of territories with travel restrictions as of today, February 27, due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Jamaica’s Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton

Speaking at a press conference at the ministry in Kingston on Wednesday, he said Italy, South Korea, Singapore and Iran were being added because the majority of cases in those countries have been in-country transmissions.

Italy has 322 confirmed cases and 11 deaths; South Korea, 1261 cases and 12 deaths; Singapore has 91 cases; and Iran, 95 cases and 15 deaths.

“The Ministry of Health will continue to assess the situation.”

— Tufton

COVID-19 has continued to spread outside of China, with confirmed cases reaching more than 81,000, according to the World Health Organisation’s 37th situation report on the pandemic.

In the meantime, Tufton said that the situation with Japan is being reviewed, and the ministry will advise whether that country is to be added to the restriction list. There are 164 confirmed cases in Japan, and one death to date.

Under the restrictions, Jamaicans who have visited the four countries in the past two weeks and do not have a permanent residency or marriage exemption in the country will not be allowed to enter the country via any port.

“The Ministry of Health will continue to assess the situation in light of the spread and will make recommendations for adjustments based on the risk assessment,” Tufton said.