Jamaica to reopen schools Oct. 5 but no face-to-face lessons

Schools in Jamaica will reopen as scheduled on October 5 as the island combats a surge of the coronavirus.

Minister of Education, You and Information, Fayval Williams

The announcement was made by Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Fayval Williams, at a virtual press briefing at Jamaica House today, September 22.

Williams noted that there is an urgency to get all students back in a learning mode, even while recognising that “we are in a pandemic where fears and anxieties are high”.

Adding that the approach to the teaching and learning is a question to be answered, she said schools will reopen using a mixed approach to deliver lessons to students.

The first method will be online, in which students remain at home and access lessons virtually.

The second approach will see the Education Ministry reach students using lessons on television, cable TV and radio. To that end, dedicated 24-hour stations will be provided by Television Jamaica and by CVM TV, in collaboration with Ready TV.

Additionally, the ministry will provide printed materials to students which will be delivered to agreed drop-off points in another approach, she said, adding that schools can use a combination of these approaches.

What’s more, the ministry is targeting grades four to six and 10 to 13 for the distribution of electronic devices.