Jamaica welcomes first direct flight from an African country

Something historic happened on Monday.

The Air Peace flight from Nigeria landed in Montego Bay.

For the first time, Jamaica welcomed a direct flight from an African country.

More than 135 persons arrived in Montego Bay from Nigeria on an Air Peace chartered flight to mark the occasion. The journey from Lagos to Montego Bay took 12 hours and had the Nigerian Foreign Affairs Minister Geoffrey Oneyeama as one of its passengers.

The people visiting will to stay in Jamaica for eight days, and they are expected to partake in what the island has to offer in terms of tourism and try to make linkages in business.

The Air Peace flight crew after arriving in Jamaica on Monday.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Kamina Johnson-Smith, was on hand to welcome the group and indicated that this event is quite significant for both countries.

Usually, people travelling from the African continent into Jamaica would have had to travel through Europe. The hope is that going forward, there will be direct flights between Jamaica and Nigeria.