Jamaican among three who led police on high speed chase in US

A Jamaican national is one of three people charged in US District Court after leading authorities on a lengthy high-speed chase last Saturday.

According to court documents, the pursuit began when US Border Patrol dispatch received a notification around 9:00 am on January 23.

Camera footage picked up three individuals dressed in camouflage and carrying backpacks across the border from Canada into the United States.

Border Patrol agents located the vehicle the three men were travelling in and attempted to conduct a stop.

The driver of the vehicle initially stopped but as the agents approached, the suspect sped off.

The court heard that a “vehicle immobilisation device” was used and the vehicle came to a stop, just a little over an hour after the pursuit began.

The Jamaican, 41-year-old Christopher White, along with 39-year-old Rastesfaye Alpha Neil and 32-year-old Afrah Ahmed Abdi ,were charged with immigration-related offenses.

The trio appeared in a US Court on Thursday, and have been remanded in police custody in that country.

It is understood that the Jamaican is accused of a second-degree murder in Canada.