Jamaican charged with overstaying spousal permit in Bahamas

A 42-year-old Jamaican man was charged with overstaying his spousal permit when he appeared in a court in the Bahamas on Friday.

Omar Waldorf, appeared in court just days after a viral video emerged, in which he was seen bragging about being able to get his and his wife cars’ licensed while a Bahamian and another Jamaican was having a hard time doing so.

According to the prosecution, Immigration Officers went to a complex to check the legal status of the residents. 

On going to Waldorf’s bedroom, they found him and asked proof of his legal status in the country. 

When he was unable to produce any evidence, he was taken to the Detention Centre where there was a check of the system and it was discovered that his resident spousal permit had expired on January 30, 2018, and was not renewed.