Jamaican crab farmer gets tech boost

Managing Director & Founder of PreeLabs, Yekini Wallen-Bryan, speaks to Entrepreneur Jermaine Morris during a visit to his farm after he experienced theft. PreeLabs donated their Smart Farm system to the farmer to monitor and manage various aspects on his farm automatically, or from his smartphone.

Jermaine Morris, a crab farmer in Jamaica has been given a boost following the donation of monitoring and equipment to help with his business.

In June, Morris thieves took off with 95 per cent of his animals, just a day after he shared the news he had taken on the unusual venture of raising land crabs in pens.

However, despite this setback, the Trelawny resident has insisted that he would not give up and that he would not be deterred by the actions of those who removed most of his stock.

Seeing his story, tech firm PreeLabs has decided to make a donation to his security efforts and other needs to allow him to better monitor his pens and manage the care of the crabs inside remotely.

The donation was made in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and is in the form of the Pree Smart Farm system. According to Yeniki Wallen-Bryan, Managing Director and Founder of PreeLabs, the system will allow Mr. Morris to monitor and manage various aspects of the farm from his smartphone.

The donation will also see another couple of issues addressed which are keeping the crabs cool and keeping the water at certain levels in the pen. 

According to PreeLabs, they have deployed a system that allows Morris to remotely check the temperature in the pen in real-time and to turn on a mister if it gets too hot. It will also automatically refill the water should the sensors detect that it is below a certain level.