Jamaican government to pump $336 million into agricultural sector

The Government’s efforts to improve competitiveness in the agricultural sector will be boosted with an injection of $336 million in the upcoming fiscal year.

The money has been provided under the Agricultural Competitiveness Programme Bridging Project, as outlined in the 2020/21 Estimates of Expenditure.

For the new fiscal year, under the project, renovation/construction of the packing facility at the Spring Garden Agro Park is to be completed; the establishment of a nursery for mangoes is to be continued at the Bodles Research Station; a 400-acre mango orchard is to be established; and an irrigation system is to be installed at the mango orchard site.

In addition, staff of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF) are to be trained in leadership and management, as part of the capacity-building aspect of the project.