Jamaican in the US gets deportation pardon

Colin Absalom managed to earn his master’s degree while in prison. (Photo: nytimes.com)

A Jamaican man who had served 25 years behind bars for murder in the United States will be allowed to stay in that country after his deportation was pardoned by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Colin Absalom was set to return to Jamaica this year, but his lawyers petitioned the office of the governor who intervened. Absalom, who is also known as Tyrone Abraham, was being held at a detention facility since he was released from prison last year on the basis that the aggravated assault conviction meant automatic deportation.

However, Absalom had turned his life around by earning a master’s degree in prison and developing programmes to help others, so the Governor took pity on him and decided to halt his deportation to Jamaica.

His lawyers had made the case that Absalom has been in the United States since he was 11 years old and all of his family were actually in the North American country.