Jamaican man removed from courtroom after demanding to speak with Prime Minister

Stephen Witter chased police officers away from a beach in Hellshire, St Catherine

Stephen Witter, the Jamaican man who was arrested and charged in March after he chased a group of policemen from a beach in Hellshire, St Catherine refused to wear a mask when he turned up for court today.

In another viral video, 42-year-old Witter is seen shouting expletives in the courtroom and demanding to speak to the Prime Minister.

“I said I want to talk to the Prime Minister or the man with the black and white head, and if mi nuh talk to dem mi nah leave da court ya today,” he shouted.

“I asked them peacefully to say something, and they wouln’t allow it? Yuh know why? because they are f**king wicked,” he said before pushing a bench.

A police officer who stood close by tried to stop Witter but had to take a step back after Witter moved towards him.

He was eventually restrained by police officers, and other people in the courtroom.

Witter was arrested in March and charged under the Disaster Risk Management Act. He was with breaches of the Act, disorderly conduct, indecent language, obstructing the police, and using abusive and calumnious language.