Jamaican Maroon Chief launches trust to protect ganja industry

Maroon Chief Richard Currie announced the launch of the Accompong Cannabis Trust in a bid to further protect their growing cannabis industry.

This step is expected to provide the means of boosting the commercial viability of the product within the Maroons’ borders, but more importantly to develop it so it can be of great benefit to generations after.

“We have put our cannabis industry in Trust to benefit the born and yet unborn, future generations of Maroons”, he remarked. This he notes can provide the youth with a stable foundation.

He further went on to note that the attachment of the dangerous drug tag to the plant stymies the economical and marketable growth of the product, which forces banks to keep their doors shut in terms of providing loans and receiving cannabis derived funds.

“Therefore the Maroons being keen at bringing an halt to our economic stagnation, the decline of our historic towns and the continued brain drain of our communities, commit from this day forward to cultivate cannabis in an efficient, natural and sustainable and profitable way”.

He also explained that contrary to other areas, cannabis is not illegal in Accompong jurisdiction and welcomed local and international interests to come on board.

“The entire world is steadily moving towards legalization, not decriminalization which will open up the market and enable even the simplest farmers to take advantage to develop themselves. We shall not miss the boat” he declared. 

“It’s with pride and joy that I declare the establishment of the Accompong Cannabis Trust which is now open ready for business” he remarked in a video he posted on his Instagram.