Jamaican men jailed in Bahamas on drug charges

Two Jamaican men have been jailed for two years in The Bahamas after they pleaded guilty to drug-related charges before a Magistrate’s court in that country on Friday.

Forty-four-year-old Damond Shawn and Daniel Grant, 24, each pleaded guilty to one count each of possession with intent to supply; a count of conspiracy to supply the drugs; a count of importation of dangerous drugs; and a count of conspiracy to import drugs. 

According to The Bahamas’ Eyewitness News, prosecutors on Friday said that the police arrested the Jamaicans at an apartment and seized several packages, including seven taped packages of suspected marijuana; 19 gray packages of Indian hemp; and a crocus bag with 20 taped marijuana packages.

Further, the police seized a total of $4,491 in mixed currency from the possession of Shawn, the report said.

Prosecutors told the court that both Jamaican men admitted to officers during questioning that the illegal drugs belonged to them. 

The Jamaican men, who have no legal status in the Bahamas, had told officers that they left the country on “August 7 for Jamaica on a go-fast boat, and returned on August 15 with 50 bags of marijuana”, the report stated. 

At Friday’s hearing, both Shawn and Grant, who had no previous convictions in The Bahamas, begged the judge for leniency. 

Both Jamaicans were subsequently sentenced to two years and a fine of BSD$30,000, or the alternate of one year in jail for possession with intent to supply.

For the other three counts, Shawn and Grant were ordered to serve 18 months in prison.

All four sentences are to run concurrently for two years.