Jamaican MPs get slammed for poor roads in online challenge

A new social media challenge has resulted in several Jamaican Members of Parliament (MP) being trashed online for the deplorable state of roads in their area.

Heavy rains have severely impacted dozens of roadways islandwide.

The latest challenge dubbed the “MP vs. Road” encourages social media users to share a photo of their MP and a road in the constituency.

Several MPs have been put on blast for the state of infrastructure in their constituency, noting that more funds need to be allocated to road rehabilitation.

Social media users reacting to some of the photos shared, noted that  many of the roadways resembled river beds.

“That nuh look like nuh road,” said one Instagram user reacting to a photo of a roadway in West Rural St Andrew.

“Name dem and shame dem. Every single one a dem,” added another in response to a photo of a road in St Catherine North Central.

Others upon seeing the photos were in total disbelief.

“Chariot run pan the last road? Lol cuz car couldn’t possibly drive on that,” said one Twitter user.

“ Y’all wicked and lie, that’s not a road in Jamaica,” added another.

However, the challenge has been viewed as unfair by some social media users, who note that the recent torrential rains had caused damage to many roadways.

“But the rain no done yet, so how dem fi fix,” said an IG user

While acknowledging the rains, others countered that if the roads had been properly maintained, they would not have been so seriously impacted.

“Listen, yes road mash up due to rain but we’re going to act like seh they were in a good state from before,” said one Instagram user.

According to preliminary data from the National Works Agency over 200 roadways were damaged after Jamaica received heavy rains from the outer bands of Tropical Storm Zeta and later Eta.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said the government would have to be strategic in how it carries out the repairs, noting previously that no new funds would be allocated to infrastructure repairs.