Jamaican-owned barbershop making the Kutz in Canada

For the last 28 years, Brothers Kutz has been the leading barbershop in Calgary, Alberta Canada, catering to the grooming of predominantly black men.

As confirmed by a number of customers, including Jamaicans, Brothers Kutz is the place to go for a proper cut. While the name Brothers Kutz is the registered name of the barbershop, just about everyone refers to the establishment as Ted, after its owner and operator.

Wayvon ‘Ted’ Leslie is a Jamaican who has been living in Canada for 45 years.

Ted told BUZZ that his first passion was culinary art and so he attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) to pursue studies in this area. However, he also had a love for barbering and applied the skill, cutting the hair of his schoolmates.

After completing his studies Ted took up a job in the culinary industry but was soon laid off. This resulted in him going back to school to sharpen his barbering skills. He subsequently started his Brothers Kutz.

“Today we have nine barbers in the shop and have about 100 clients on a daily basis. We have a multi-cultural clientele, anybody, and any nationality,” Ted said.

Ted explained that when he started his business 28 years ago, it was the only barbershop in Calgary for black men. His clientele grew rapidly and word got around not only to the Jamaicans but those from the Caribbean and African communities.

Outside of the haircut, some will quickly admit that Ted’s is a great place to discuss whatever may be happening in the black community as well as personal issues and leaving with solutions. Some clients also recall the socialization each summer at the back of the shop over barbeques hosted by Ted.

Article written by Donna Hussey-Stewart