Jamaican researchers to headline global medical cannabis symposium in London

The GW Pharmaceutical medical cannabis farm in Kent is the largest in the United Kingdom (Photo: KentOnline)

Two of Jamaica’s leading medical cannabis researchers, Professor Henry Lowe and Professor Errol Morrison, will headline day one of the Global Medical Cannabis Research Symposium in London on Wednesday, September 18.

The two-day, invite-only symposium was borne out of a partnership between the UK Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) and the Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation (JMCC).

Both distinguished fellows will be among other medical researchers and clinicians from around the globe and will share their own research experience and Jamaica’s history with medicinal cannabis with their UK peers.

Itinerary for the Global Medical Cannabis Symposium in London (Photo: thecmcuk.org)

Dr. Lowe, a medical cannabis pioneer and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Medicanja, was asked to share key findings from current research during a session titled: Clinical Trials for AML and Pancreatic Cancer.

Professor Henry Lowe (Photo: Twitter @Medicanja)

Dr. Lowe will discuss his cannabis-based FDA-approved “orphan drug” for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Having been so designated in 2017, the US Orphan Drug Act provides for the granting of special status to a drug or biological product to treat a rare disease or condition upon the request of a sponsor.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lowe will be preceded at the symposium by Prof. Morrison, Director General of the Jamaican National Commission of Science and Technology.

Professor Errol Morrison (Photo: Jamaica Information Service)

Prof. Morrison will set the stage with “A Short History of the Therapeutic Use of Cannabis.”

The presentation will highlight ancient cannabis uses in China, India, Africa, up to traditional medicine and contemporary research in Jamaica.

Other speakers include: Dr. Saoirse O’Sullivan, Science Lead, Centre for Medicinal Cannabis; Dr. Elyad Davidson, Hadassah Hebrew University, Israel; Dr. Evan Cole Lewis, Director, Neurology Centre of Toronto; and Dr. Regina Nelson, Founder of the eCS Therapy Center in Colorado, USA.

Attendees will learn about current UK and international research projects focused on cancer, pain management, paediatric epilepsy, AML, gastrointestinal disorders, sexual dysfunction and other conditions. Other sessions will facilitate the exchange of experiences on research and clinical trial best practices, and funding sources.