Jamaican Shadow Minister apologises after “I am a breast man” backlash

There are opposing views to the statements made by Jamaica’s Shadow Minister in charge of Planning and Development, Dr Andre Haughton, as he tried to display his support on the challenges persons face with breast cancer.

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Haughton had come under fire, the first time Senator’s comments were viewed as belittling to women and sexualization of a sensitive issue.

In the Senator’s own words:
“Many of you might think it’s uncharacteristic for a male to speak about breast cancer. Saphire, I share your pain and I sympathise with you on what you have been through. I had an aunt who died from breast cancer, my father’s sister, Aunty Mar. Maureen Haughton was diagnosed with breast cancer somewhere around 2013.  She did one operation and we thought she was safe and two years later it came back but she wasn’t lucky, she died. As a child growing up I always love breast, my mother always say I’m a breast man, even when I was one year and two months I was still drinking breast milk. I am a breast man, when asked, ‘which part of the female you prefer’ – breast, otherwise, the breast.”

His “I am breast man” comment have not gone down well with some who have called for the Senator to make amends. While taking a defiant step at first, Dr Haughton took to Twitter recently to put forward his apologies for the concern he had caused.

Dr Haughton tweeted “In my enthusiasm to contribute to the debate on the tragedy of breast cancer, a section of my comment  elicited some negative responses. I wish to emphasize my respect for women and the serious issue of breast cancer and apologize for any concern my comment may have stirred. ?”

Some people have accepted the apology and indicate that it was not deliberate as he at the time had spoken about his aunt who had died from cancer. However, others say that the language is not a genuine apology and he should do more to make amends.

What do you think BUZZ fam – is the Senator’s apology adequate or is the outrage much ado about nothing?