Jamaican sprinter Julian Forte almost calls it quits after not medalling at Olympics

Jamaican sprinter Julian Forte (Photo: MVP Track Club)

“The journey continues” formed the end of an emotional letter on Instagram from Jamaican sprinter, Julian Forte, who revealed that the emotional toll of not winning a medal at the Olympic Games almost had him quitting his career.

The 28-year-old, former Boys Champs stand out, wrote the day after the Jamaican men’s team did not medal in the 4X100 relays at the ongoing Olympics. He had also earlier been unable to make it out of the heats of the men’s 200m.

This he shares has brought him a lot of “emotional pain”.

“I thought very hard about quitting last night. Not trying to sound ungrateful but just being an Olympian isn’t nearly enough of an achievement for me. This is my 4th championship going home without a medal. The emotional pain I felt last night was indescribable as I saw my dream slip right thru my fingers” he wrote on Instagram.

The men’s team of Yohan Blake, Oblique Seville, Jevaughn Minzie and Forte clocked 37.84 seconds for fifth after going into the finals with the fastest qualifying time.

He admitted that he’s been wondering if he’s “so unworthy and undeserving of such accomplishments even after training so hard?” And sometimes feels undeserving of the tremendous support he has gotten over the course of his career.

“I thought very hard about quitting last night.”

— Forte

Forte said his emotional revelation is an insight into what a lot of athletes go through after painful disappointment. “These are just my very human and vulnerable thoughts that I’m choosing to share to maybe she’d some light on what a lot of us athletes feel after painful disappointment,” he said.

He however sought to laud the efforts of the other athletes who also represented Jamaica. “I am extremely proud of my teammates who represented well and secured medals for our country.”

Following the post, he has received an outpouring of support from people. Fellow sprinter Yohan Blake pushed him to continue. “Solid as a rock, keep going,” he wrote.

Another Instagram user commented, “hold your head high Julian. You’ll remember all this when you stand proud on that podium.”