Jamaican studying in China seeks help to return home

Ramone Williamson (Photo: Facebook)

Ramone Williamson left China just days before the Chinese New Year in January for what was supposed to be a short trip to Malaysia.

But he is currently stranded in that country after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus made it impossible for him to return to China.

Williamson is a medical student enrolled at the University of China, and a graduate of the University of Technology (UTech) in Jamaica.

Having now spent 28 days in Malaysia Williamson explained that he has no money left, and is seeking financial help to return home to Jamaica.

“Please, if able to donate to help me stay afloat until I can return home as well as help with travel expenses I would be grateful. I have depleted all my resources and will try travelling to Jamaica soon,” he wrote on the GoFundMe account he created.

Williamson said having learnt of the outbreak while in Malaysia, he was given instructions by his university to extend his stay until further notice.

“I again attempted to return but was informed that there were travel restrictions and a partial shutdown implemented by several provincial governments in addition to a number of airline cancellations and that I was not allowed to return under any circumstances until notified to do so by the University,” he wrote.

Williamson said he is an aspiring Pediatric Oncologist, and a member of a core research team that focuses on Osteosarcomas, Multiple Myeloma, and the NK Cell-Based Immunotherapy, together with the Tumor Immunology of various other cancers. He stated that he has co-authored and published several scientific research papers in a number of peer-reviewed journals.