Jamaicans could find themselves stuck in other countries—Foreign Minister

Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina Johnson-Smith.

Jamaicans are being warned that they could find themselves stuck in some countries as governments close off borders in a desperate race to contain the spread of the novel coronvirus.

Foreign Affairs Minister Senator Kamina Johnson-Smith issued the warning a short Friday night during a Diaspora digital town hall meeting on COVID 19.

“Remember that other countries are closing their borders, so when you travel to wherever you may not be able to get back… and this is very important especially if you are not a national of that country”.

She added: “Now is not the time to go exploring, countries are closing borders everywhere so your route back to where you are based…may have closed already and if not today it may close tomorrow.”

Johnson Smith advised that the consular email address for emergencies as well as the emergency email addresses for Jamaican consulates across the world will be posted on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.