Jamaicans encouraged to visit elderly relatives …but still follow protocols

Cognizant of how COVID-19 has impacted senior citizens in Jamaica, the Ministry of Health and Wellness will be launching a mental health initiative that will focus on the elderly.

Since COVID-19 entered Jamaica, senior citizens have been encouraged to stay home as much as possible. If that disruption in their daily lives wasn’t enough, their fears have increased based on the number of elderly persons who have died from the virus.

Aware that many of the elderly have been following the protocols, Health and Wellness Minister Dr Christopher Tufton said COVID-19 has impacted their mental and physical health.

For this reason, he is encouraging Jamaicans to visit their elderly relatives.

“We know you’re trying to protect them by not going over there to their homes to visit… but listen, you can mask up, sanitise and still visit. They just want somebody to talk to. Maintain the six feet distance; even if you can’t touch them still visit them,” he said during virtual COVID Conversations press briefing on Wednesday.

He also said that although many senior citizens are at home, they should be encouraged to keep active.