Jamaica’s bribery trace minimal

TRACE International has ranked bribery of public officials in Jamaica as 50th in the world in its 2019 Bribery Risk Matrix.

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The ranking was done of 200 countries and among Caribbean nations, Jamaica was second, trailing St Vincent and the Grenadines, which is at 49.

The other Caribbean countries in the ranking were Barbados at 66, The Bahamas at 81, Trinidad and Tobago at 115, Cuba at 144 and Haiti at 170.

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The report, first done in 2014, focused on business bribery risk with an overall risk score and risk score in business interactions with government, anti-bribery deterrence and enforcement, government and civil society transparency and the capacity for civil society oversight.

TRACE used data from international agencies with Jamaica getting the approval for government and financial transparency, freedom of the press and civil society institutions.