Jamaica’s drive-in temporarily closed with new curfew

The drive-in cinema in New Kingston, Jamaica will be put on pause, at least for the next week.

The drive-in operator, Palace Amusement, said the move is in keeping with the Government’s new curfew measure which now runs from 8:00pm to 5:00 am.

As a result, the cinema will not be able to operate over the next week as most movies take around two hours, which means a 6:00pm show time, which would be sufficiently dark to show the film, would go beyond curfew.

However, Palace Amusement’s Marketing Manager, Melanie Graham, told the Jamaica Observer that the drive-in will resume on Ash Wednesday with the animated film, Tom and Jerry, which has a run time of about one and a half hours.

We will now have to look to find films that are all under 90 minutes to play at the cinemas given the curfew and that is difficult given that most films being produced these days are over two hours. But we have to adhere to the restrictions to get everyone home on time,” said Graham.