Jamaica’s Finance Minister wants civil service to be top choice for university graduates

Minister of Finance and Public Service, Dr Nigel Clarke, wants to improve the standard of the civil service to make it attractive to top-class working candidates.

Finance Minister Nigel Clarke

While at the Civil Service Week at the Ministry of Finance and Public Service at Heroes Circle in Kingston on Thursday, Clarke argued that the improvement of the civil service will be a better reflection of the government.

“The government has embarked upon a number of transformative initiatives to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the civil service as a whole, making use of technology in the delivering of services and ensuring that we are able to allocate in areas where there are more demand and areas where there are fewer demands we make a rotation in that regard,” Clarke said.

“We want the civil service to be a place where everybody wants to join. We want to position the civil service that the competition to get in is higher and higher each year.”

Clarke also said that he wants top university graduates to see the civil service as a top choice for employment in the future.