Jamaica’s Opposition Leader wants Queen Elizabeth removed as head of state

Queen Elizabeth II

Jamaica’s Opposition Leader Mark Golding says it’s about time the government gets rid of Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.

Golding made the declaration during his contribution to the budget presentation.

“The time has come for Jamaica to cut the link with the English monarchy and become a republic within the commonwealth,” he said. “It cannot be right for this country with its history of struggle against oppression, nor can it be consistent with our national self-image and pride for Jamaicans to continue to pay allegiance to such an important symbol that does not and cannot by definition reflect and have meaning to the vast majority of our people.”

He called on parliamentarians to support a Private Members Motion proposed by Member of Parliament Mikael Phillips.

The motion proposes a referendum on replacing the Queen as head of State pinned to the next local government elections

“This is a fundamental matter of national identity and self belief, it really has nothing to do with the respect that is due to the reigning monarchy in England who is indeed respected and held in high esteem across the world,’ he said.

“The time has come for Jamaica to become a republic within the commonwealth, with a Jamaican head of state, and for us to swear allegiance to the constitution and people of Jamaica.”