Jamaica’s PM says he “can’t wait” to get vaccine

Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness at the virtual press briefing on May 31.

Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, said he is ready to receive his first shot of the coronavirus vaccine.

Speaking to the Jamaica Observer on Monday as the country welcomed its first batch of vaccines from India, Holness said he “could not wait” to get his first shot.

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“I am sure that there are hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans who are equally as eager as me, or probably more,” he said.

Meanwhile, Holness used the opportunity to reiterate that the vaccines will be distributed in an orderly and fair manner, prioritising healthcare workers.

“We are very serious about maintaining the order of priority because what we wouldn’t want is for people to lose faith in what we have said is the principle of distribution. Every Jamaican must have faith that there is a process and they will get the vaccine in a fair and timely fashion,” he said.