Jamaica’s Senate gives green light for merger of training agencies

The Jamaican Senate has approved the Bill to merge the functions of the HEART TRUST/NTA, National Youth Service (NYS), the Apprenticeship Board and the Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL).

Pearnel Charles Jr

The Human Employment and Resources Training (Amendment) and Change of Name Act, 2019 was passed with 17 amendments during the sitting of the Senate on Friday.

Efficient and effective public sector

It will repeal the Apprenticeship Act and the National Youth Service Act, which had been approved in the House of Representative in November with 23 amendments.

Also, it will create one government entity that will be responsible for training, as the government seeks, under the Public Sector Master Rationalisation Plan, to join together bodies and agencies with similar functions.

Acting Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Pearnel Charles Jr, said: “The decision to merge the HEART TRUST/NTA with the National Youth Service and the Apprenticeship Board is consistent with the plan, which aims to create a more efficient and effective public sector.”