J’can gets six-month sentence for breaking COVID-19 rules to buy soda in Barbados

A Jamaican man was sentenced to six months behind bars after he was caught flouting COVID-19 protocols in Barbados.

Reports are that 49-year-old Dean George Scott arrived in Barbados on December 6 and was placed into a State-run quarantine at the St Lucy District Hospital.

However, Scott left the quarantine facility to visit a store and was spotted in a neighbouring community with an armband that indicated he was in quarantine.

The quarantine center was alerted, and Scott was taken into police custody.

When Scott appeared before the court, he asked for leniency noting that he had only left the facility to buy a“Fanta and other stuff”.

However, Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes, in handing down the six months prison sentence, said he had to send a message that such breaches will not be tolerated

“I got to send a message to you and to all the other people that this cannot be tolerated … We have made too much gain, so you have to do six months,” said Weekes.

In Barbados, there is a maximum fine of $50,000 or one-year imprisonment or both for breaching COVID-19 protocols.