Jeff Bezos pledged $10 billion towards climate change fight

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos recently made a pledge of $10 billion in the fight against climate change.

The world’s richest man – who recently came under fire for his seemingly inadequate donation to the Australia bushfire relief efforts – has joined in the campaign to save our planet.

The massive sum, according to Forbes, accounts for approximately 10 per cent of the CEO’s net worth.

“Earth is the one thing we all have in common—let’s protect it, together”

— Jeff Bezos

The Amazon head announced that the money will be administered through a new initiative called the Bezos Earth Fund. In an Instagram post, Bezos shared that it will be used to “support scientists, activists, NGOs—any effort that offers a real possibility to help preserve and protect the natural world.”

He pointedly added, “Earth is the one thing we all have in common—let’s protect it, together.”

This marks Bezos’ largest philanthropic initiative to date and comes against the backdrop of major criticisms of Amazon’s environmental track record.

The company has a gigantic environmental footprint with its delivery of an estimated 1 billion packages daily.