Jenny Jenny’s “advice” to women triggers social media backlash

Radio broadcaster, social media personality and actress Jennifer ‘Jenny Jenny’ Smalls (Photo: Facebook @JennyJenny876)

There are loud calls of victim-shaming across sections of social media as radio broadcaster Jennifer ‘Jenny Jenny’ Smalls found herself knee-deep in controversy on Tuesday (Jan. 14) for comments in which she seemingly cast the blame on women who die in domestic violence cases.

Jenny Jenny, speaking on her afternoon programme on Hitz92 FM, said that there are too many personal loans available in Jamaica for women to be ‘scamming’ men out of their money; a practice, in her mind, which is costing women their lives.

“Loan a gi weh like biscuit, bread and bag juice! Get a loan, tek yuh time and do what you wanna do. If it is that you must go school part-time and work part-time do it,” Jenny Jenny said.

“Stop try bups out di man dem because it a cost yuh life! And we have too many people dying for you to not be wise and fi know seh this is not an option. And it’s certainly not an option for 2020, wise up, nuh?” she argued further.

See the clip below:

As philosophical and well-intentioned the “advice” was meant, scores of social media users were incensed by the suggestion and voiced their disdain at Jenny Jenny’s comments.

The popular personality proved that even women aren’t far removed from the distinction of misogynism.

For many on Twitter, the self-proclaimed ‘Energiser Bunny’s suggestion is especially hurtful as it comes on the heels of a string of tragic domestic violence deaths over the last two weeks, which claimed the lives of three women.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, there are a number of persons who agree completely with Jenny Jenny’s views, contending that women are not being as ‘honest and independent’ as their male counterparts.

Jenny Jenny’s comments come months after she was slammed for branding social media sensation Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis as a prostitute, when she invited the 17-year-old on set for an interview in March 2019.

Well, BUZZ fam? How are we feeling about these comments? Was Jenny Jenny just giving advice or was she playing the blame game?