Jeremy Corbyn objects to England deporting 50 men to Jamaica

Former British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has joined a growing list of people objecting to the deportation of several persons to Jamaica.

Jeremy Corbyn is against Wednesday’s planned deportation. (Photo:

The opposition comes as England seeks to deport 50 men to Jamaica on a flight come Wednesday. Reports are that more than 60 MPs and peers have joined in objection to the move which is expected to separate 31 children from their fathers.

For Corbyn’s part, he sought to express his displeasure with the whole situation by writing to the United Kingdom’s secretary of state, Priti Patel.

In his letter, Corbyn wrote: “This planned deportation appears to be a continuation of an unnecessarily harsh approach that ought to have been abandoned on the back of lessons learnt from the Windrush scandal.”

He also questioned the deportation based on the current COVID-19 restrictions in the United Kingdom.

“Very few people are currently allowed to fly out of the UK due to the pandemic, so it’s not clear to me how this flight can be justified,” he wrote.