JFF responds to ‘resignation’ of Reggae Girlz’ head coach

JFF President Michael Rickets

President of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) Michael Ricketts, said he has not received any official documentation of Reggae Girlz head coach Hue Menzies resigning despite hearing about it in the press and on social media.

“The JFF, up to now has not gotten any kind of documentation from coach Menzies, so I am not going to comment until we get something from him saying he has resigned,” Ricketts told BUZZ. “Until that happens, I will just wait and see.”

Menzies, who led the Reggae Girlz to qualification to the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup for the first time in Jamaica’s history, accused the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) of putting the women’s programme at risk and resigned last Wednesday (Dec 4).

Hue Menzies resigned as head coach of the Reggae Girlz.

“Five years ago when I began this journey of fielding and training on a volunteer basis, an incredible group of talented young ladies, no one expected that they would end up in the World Cup, certainly not the Jamaican Football Federation. But at this stage, the JFF has created such an impossible environment within which to continue, which has the entire program now at risk. The JFF has ceased communications with me which makes it impossible for me to carry out my duties as head coach,” Menzies said in a release after quitting his job.