JLP not perfect but has delivered in a time of crisis- Green

Member of Parliament for St. Elizabeth South Western  Floyd Green has said that while the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is not perfect, it has delivered in a time of crisis.

Green made the statement while speaking on behalf of Area Council 4 at the party’s 78 annual conference held virtually on Sunday (November 28).

“We have provided SET cash to ensure 18,000 every two weeks for people who lost their jobs. We provided SET cash to our Care programme $9,000 for employers that keep people employed. We provided 25,000 for barbers, $10,000 in general grants- the labour party has delivered in a time of crisis,” Green said.

“And we didn’t stop there, we delivered over 30,000 tablets to PATH students in primary school; grade four, five and six. We delivered over 15,000 laptops to secondary school students in grades 10,11, 12 and 13. And we say were targeting one device per child. Even in a time of crisis the labour party delivers,” Green added.

According to Green, not only has the party delivered but he lauded party leader, Andrew Holness, for being visible and engaging throughout each stage of the pandemic.

Green noted that it is in times like these that leadership matters, describing the COVID-19 pandemic as the “greatest crisis of our generation” .

“Our Prime Minister and party leader, Andrew Michael Holness has led from the front. Whether it be personally delivering messages about necessary protocols, whether it be championing the cause for vaccines, whether it be putting together the strategies to balance lives and livelihoods, our leader has shown that he provides sound and stable hands and, calm and concrete confident leadership,” Green said.

“The road has not been easy. But Andrew Holness has shown that he genuinely cares for the Jamaican people. And that he wants us to emerge from the crisis stronger,” he added.

While admitting that the JLP was not perfect, he noted that the party was at least willing to take steps in the right direction and had the country’s best interest at heart.

“I will be the first to admit the labour party is not perfect. In fact, no organisation is perfect. I too have had to face my own imperfections. However, I have always felt, I rather a man who admits when he is wrong, and works honestly to fix his wrong than one who behaves that they are perfect,” said Green.

“I rather a government who puts a system in place to feathers out corruption and, brings corruption to the fore than a government who pretend like no corruption not happening. I’d rather a party who hold its leaders accountable, than a party who take those who have wronged us and parade them all over the country, like them think we forget. We have not forgotten that they had the chance, and they never took the chance to make our lives better. No matter the imperfections of the labour party, I genuinely feel the party is working to build back Jamaica stronger,” he added.