Jodiann Fearon case: Tufton says Jubilee, Spanish Town hospitals followed transfer procedures

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton.

Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton has said that his ministry will fully comply with the police’s probe of the death of Jodiann Fearon last weekend.

“On behalf of my colleagues within the ministry and the government, as well as the Parliament, I wish to extend our sympathies to the family. We extend our support in whatever way, shape or form to bring closure to what is a sad and tragic situation,” Tufton said in an address to Parliament Tuesday.

Jodiann Fearon

“An official criminal investigation has been launched. The MOH will be complying in full with the team from the JCF and will be providing all documents to advance the investigation and the proffering of charges as necessary,” Tufton said.

He added: “Based on our documentation detailing the sequence of activities surrounding the incident, it is to be noted that both the Victoria Jubilee and the Spanish Town Hospitals, based on the reports given by both institutions, had both adhered to the established procedures as it related to the transfer of patients from a private facility.

“At this time the ministry awaits the outcome of the criminal investigation and the ruling of the Director of Public Prosecutions to determine if charges are to be laid.”