Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine found “safe and effective”

The single-shot coronavirus vaccine by Johnson & Johnson was found to be safe and effective, and completely prevented hospitalisations and deaths, a Food and Drug Administration review revealed today.

The results came from a large clinical trial and are another step towards the approval of a third vaccine in the United States, possibly as early as this weekend.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was found to be 85 per cent effective at preventing severe illness but its overall protection was 66 per cent when moderate cases were included.

The FDA scientists found that the “known benefits” of the vaccine included reducing the risk of symptomatic and severe cases of covid-19 at least two weeks after vaccination.

The news comes at a critical time in the US fight against the virus, as the nation marked half a million fatalities to the virus this week. Two vaccines – from Moderna and Pfizer – which both require two doses, were previously granted emergency authorisation use in the country.