JPS complaints almost triple at Jamaica’s utilities regulator

The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) said it saw a dramatic increase in the number of complaints for its April to June quarter.

The New Kingston headquarters of the Jamaica Public Service Company.

According to the OUR, most of the complaints were related to billing matters, disconnection of services and terms and conditions.

For the quarter, the regulator said 1,974 complaints were made to its consumer affairs unit, an increase of 91 per cent over the previous three months.

Not surprising, the majority of the complaints were recorded for the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo), the primary supplier of electricity in the island.

According to the OUR, the majority of complaints were registered for the JPSCo which saw an increase of 296 per cent in complaints when compared to the previous quarter.

Jamaicans logged 303 complaints against the JPSCo in the January to March quarter, however that number skyrocketed to 898 in the April to June quarter.

Other companies that saw an uptick in complaints include the National Water Commission registering an increase of 60 per cent and Flow trailing slightly behind with an increase of 57 per cent.