JPS installs 65,000 smart streetlights

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) Company says more than 65,000 street lights have now been converted to LED, representing about 62 per cent of the island’s 105,000 streetlights.

The light and power company said in a statement Monday (Dec 30) that its projection of LED streetlight installations for 2020 is 25,000 lights.

“The upgraded LED streetlights are more energy efficient and provide better lighting, than the traditional lights, which are being replaced. The smart controllers also enable remote control and monitoring, so that repairs are more efficiently managed,” the JPS said.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Emanuel DaRosa said the smart LED streetlight project has been one of the most visible undertakings by the company in 2019. 

“The positive impact on public lighting and night life, has been communicated to us by members of the public, as well as their anticipation, as they look forward to streetlight conversions in their own communities. We are very pleased to be a part of something that is so meaningful to those we serve,” he said.

The JPS says the smart LED streetlight project will position Jamaica among a growing number of countries that are installing LED lights, not only city-wide but also across their countries.