JPS installs first electric car ‘Charge ‘n Go’ station in St Ann

For vehicles with electric charging functions, a public electric vehicle (EV) charging station has just been opened at the Boot Service Station in St Ann.

The Charge ‘n Go facility was installed by the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) as part of its quest to re-position itself as a utiliser and provider of clean energy.

The charging station was and was opened on Friday to much fanfare.

This is the first of a series of such installations across the island, which allows motorists to charge their vehicles on the go.

Energy Minister Daryl Vaz was in attendance, and he got the chance to charge the first vehicle, a Nissan Leaf.

The cost to charge an electric vehicle is said to be relatively cheaper than refilling vehicles that use fuel-based energy.

Looking at the installation, it has some resemblance to a fuel pump, but differs significantly as no petrol will be forthcoming from this apparatus.

This move is expected to be a major step towards the country moving towards a green economy as more people become environmentally conscious.