JPS to reduce electricity bills this month

When you receive your electricity bill from the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) for this month, you should see a decrease of 4.16 per cent.

In a statement, JPS said this was because of the reduced cost of fuel.

“This month, the Fuel & Independent Power Producers (IPP) charge has been reduced from $29.50 to $27.81 per kilowatt hour (kWh). The total cost per kWh of electricity, stands at approximately 32 US cents on January bills, or about J$45.65 for residential customers,” the company said.

It explained that based on these calculations, a customer who consistently uses 165 kWh per month, will pay $7,592.44 this month, as against the $7,922.40 that was paid in December for the same usage – a saving of $329.96.

“JPS has consistently passed on savings resulting from a fall in fuel costs or from the appreciation of the Jamaican dollar against its US counterpart. There are in fact multiple inputs in generating and distributing electricity, and these costs all help to determine the final price of energy to the customer,” added the company.