Justice minister pushing for expediency in court matters

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck is on a mission to reduce the time things take to happen within the halls of justice.

The Minister, who was speaking at a symposium in St Thomas, noted that there has been an improvement in the system but that there are still challenges.

He noted that in the area of probates and divorces there were marked improvements with those matters being settled within the space of four to six months.

Chuck said he would like to see matters before the courts being settled in a speedier manner. He said that one of the ways in which this could be achieved is by persons utilizing mediation, which would put less burden on the court system.

The minister said he would also like to see judges delivering more timely judgements. He notes that some judges are issuing judgements within the four to six months timeline set by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes. The justice minister said, regrettably, there are still judges who have matters outstanding for a number of years.