Justice minister withdraws comment about Ruel Reid’s arrest

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has withdrawn comments he made on Wednesday about the arrest of former Education Minister Ruel Reid and four others on corruption charges.

Chuck had questioned the decision by investigative agencies to carry out early morning raids. He also cautioned the agencies to ensure that the evidence they are relying on to charge the suspects was sufficient.

His comment drew criticism from the PNPYO, which called for his resignation and from Opposition Senator Donna Scott-Mottley who described his utterance as deeply disappointing.

Ruel Reid and his family being arrested Wednesday (Oct 9).

On the heels of being lashed, Chuck said that his comments were linked to the presence of the media at the houses of the accused when they were being taken into custody, and not about the decision to arrest and charge them.

‘However as justice minister my comments were inappropriate and I duly withdraw them.’

— Justice Minister Delroy Chuck

“What I said yesterday, in relation to the arrest of Ruel Reid, Fritz Pinnock and others, was inspired by the fact that the media was present at all locations during this early morning raid. My daughter is one of the attorneys in the case [but] she and I lead separate independent professional lives. However as justice minister my comments were inappropriate and I duly withdraw them in their entirety,” Chuck said.