Kanye West’s futuristic homes could be torn down

Kanye West

Kanye West’s futuristic homes could be torn down within weeks.

The Bound 2 rapper has been dealt another blow in regards to the Calabasas homes after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s team was called over the weekend to go to the dome-like structures over noise complaints from locals because of late-night building work.

Kanye will now have to obtain a building permit by September 15 or they will have to knock down the new homes, which are being built on the grounds of the West Hidden Hills home owned by him and his wife, Kim Kardashian. The four dome-like structures were to serve as the prototypes for a whole community of new-age homes.

Originally, the site manager for the project told a property inspector that the instillations were only temporary constructions, for which a permit is not required. But following further complaints from neighbours, inspectors revisited the site and found that the domes are sitting atop a concrete foundation. Inspectors then deemed that the structures did not appear to be temporary, and have now forced Kanye and his team to acquire permits.

A source close to Kanye told TMZ that the structures were always going to be temporary as they’re merely prototypes, but says the rapper’s team is now in touch with the County and intend to comply with the requirements.