KFC to discipline worker who described customer in a derogatory manner

Photo showing the derogatory term used by a KFC worker to describe a customer.

Restaurants of Jamaica, the local franchise holder for KFC, says it will be taking disciplinary action against an employee accused of making homophobic slurs against a customer.

While the extent of the disciplinary action was not detailed, it has been speculated that the employee may be dismissed fo her behaviour.

The employee had apparently got creative with the order board by inserting ‘please give this b##ty man a big breast’. The customer took to Twitter to air his displeasure and claimed that his life was put at risk.

ROJ in a statement denounced the actions of the employee. It stated that the employee’s action goes against ROJ’s policies and values. “We do not and shall not allow any behavior that discriminates based on race, color religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status or sexual orientation in any of our activities or operations” ROJ declared.