‘Chucky’ mistakenly named suspect in kidnapping

We’re not too sure whether to laugh or be scared out of our socks about this story.

Apparently Chucky is on the loose and has killed again. At least that’s what the Texas Department of Public Safety broadcast to thousands of people during an Amber Alert last week.

And that’s not the worst part. It happened three times.

The department sent out the emergency alert that the horror movie character was a suspect in the kidnapping of his five-year-old son, Glen Ray, a character from the film Seed of Chucky.

The alert described Chucky as a 3-foot, 1-inch-tall (0.9-metre-tall) doll wearing “blue denim overalls with multi-coloured striped long sleeve shirt wielding a huge kitchen knife.”

After triggering the childhood fears of grown adults, the department issued an apology and said the alert was a test malfunction.