Killer of Sweden’s prime minister is revealed…34 years later

Sweden finally knows who killed its prime minister…three decades later.

Picture taken on February 16, 2016 shows the grave of former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, just a few blocks away from the place where he was shot and killed on February 28, 1986 in the center of Stockholm. Photographer: Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images

Prime Minister Olof Palme was shot on a Stockholm street as he and his wife walked home a nearby cinema on February 28, 1986.

Numerous conspiracy theories and speculations were rife as a failed police investigation added to the mystery of the killing.

More than 100 people have claimed responsibility for the murder over the years, for which Christer Pettersson, a local man with a history of crime, was convicted in 1989.

During a press conference today, June 10, a Swedish prosecutor Krister Petersson, said the killer was Stig Engstrom, a graphic designer who told authorities then that he arrived at the scene shortly after the murder.

Authorities then had dismissed Engstrom as an attention-seeker, according to a Bloomberg report. However, police today said he was involved in right-wing circles that woud have nurtured deep animosity towards the Social Democratic leader.

Palme’s son, Marten, told media today that he is convinced of Engstrom’s guilt but there’s no way to say for certain as he committed suicide two decades ago.