Killer whales spotted in Mobay?

Killer whales (Photo: Wikipedia)

Sightings of killer whales off the coast of Montego Bay, St. James are becoming increasingly frequent as one yacht owner caught the massive animals frolicking in local waters earlier on Monday (Nov. 18).

How cool is that?

The video, shared on Instagram by environmental page @wildlifejamaica, shows a pod of killer whales effortlessly keeping pace with the yacht out in the open ocean.

*Disclaimer: The video contains strong language, viewer discretion is advised*

BUZZ has been unable to confirm the source of the video, however, persons on board the yacht noted their surprise that the marine animals were being sighted off Montego Bay’s coastline.

“They don’t belong in our waters, but they’re here. Look at that! They’re the size of the boat!” one man exclaimed.

The page, which promotes the knowledge, appreciation and conservation of Jamaica’s wildlife, adds that the killer whale is among 15 species of dolphins/whales found in Jamaica.

Also called orcas, killer whales are the largest species in the dolphin family and are notable for their complex societies – travelling in large groups (referred to as ‘pods’).

Their migration patterns in the Caribbean are not fully understood as the event is not a common sight in the region.

Killer whales are however protected under Jamaica’s Wildlife Protection Act.

It is the second such orca pod sighting since June 2018, where Montegonians were discouraged not to get into coastal waters despite the resort town’s buzzing excitement.